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Loyc.Collections.IStack< T > Interface Template Reference

Represents a LIFO (last-in-first-out) stack. More...

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Loyc.Collections.IPush< T > Loyc.Collections.IPop< T > Loyc.Collections.ICount Loyc.Collections.IIsEmpty


Represents a LIFO (last-in-first-out) stack.

Template Parameters
TType of each element

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Loyc.Collections.IPop< T >
bool IsEmpty [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Collections.ICount
int Count [get]
 Gets the number of items in the collection. More...
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Collections.IIsEmpty
bool IsEmpty [get]
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Collections.IPush< T >
void Push (T item)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Collections.IPop< T >
TryPop (out bool isEmpty)
TryPeek (out bool isEmpty)