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Loyc.Collections.CPStringTrie< TValue >.Enumerator Class Reference

Enumerates key-value pairs in a CPStringTrie. More...

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Loyc.Collections.Impl.CPEnumerator< TValue >


Enumerates key-value pairs in a CPStringTrie.

Reading the key is more expensive than reading the value because the key must be decoded from the bytes it is made up of. If you call CurrentValue instead of Current or CurrentKey, the work of decoding the key will be avoided. If you only need to enumerate the values, enumerate the Values collection instead of the trie class itself.


new KeyValuePair< string, TValue > Current [get]
new TValue CurrentValue [get]
new string CurrentKey [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Collections.Impl.CPEnumerator< TValue >
Current [get]
bool IsValid [get]
 Returns true if this enumerator points to an item and Current is valid. More...
InternalList< byte > CurrentKey [get]

Protected Member Functions

 Enumerator (CPTrie< TValue > trie)

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bool MoveNext ()
bool MovePrev ()
void Reset ()
void Dispose ()
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CPTrie< T > _trie