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LeMP.MacroInfo Class Reference

Data returned from IMacroContext.AllKnownMacros More...

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Data returned from IMacroContext.AllKnownMacros

Public static fields

static Comparison< MacroInfoCompareDescendingByPriority = (a, b) => b.Priority.CompareTo(a.Priority)


Symbol Namespace [get]
LexicalMacro Macro [get]
- Properties inherited from LeMP.LexicalMacroAttribute
string Syntax [get, protected set]
string Description [get, protected set]
string[] Names [get]
MacroMode Mode [get, set]
MacroMode Priority [get]

Public Member Functions

 MacroInfo (Symbol @namespace, string name, LexicalMacro macro)
 MacroInfo (Symbol @namespace, LexicalMacroAttribute a, LexicalMacro macro)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.LexicalMacroAttribute
 LexicalMacroAttribute (string syntax, string description, params string[] names)
 LexicalMacroAttribute constuctor. More...