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Loyc.Utilities.BloomFilterM64K2 Struct Reference

A bloom filter for very small sets. More...

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A bloom filter for very small sets.

Please see the following article for an introduction to the bloom filter:


This bloom filter's parameters are m=64 and k=2, so it contains just a single long value. If item hashes are random, the false positive rate (p) is under 5% if the set contains no more than 8 items, and under 10% if the set holds no more than 12 items. This is according to the calculator at


The two 6-bit hashes this filter uses are simply the lowest 12 bits of the hashcode.

If this filter is used to hold Symbols, it should be noted that the IDs are not random but sequentially allocated, so it is likely to have a different false positive rate. Tentatively, I believe the number of bits set will be higher, leading to a worse false positive rate on random membership tests; but when testing related inputs, the false positive rate should be lower than the worst case.

In any case, this filter performs increasing poorly as the number of elements increases: at 40 items, p exceeds 50%.

Public fields

ulong _bits


bool IsEmpty [get]

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void Add (Symbol symbol)
void Add (object obj)
void Add (int hashCode)
bool MayContain (Symbol symbol)
bool MayContain (object obj)
bool MayContain (int hashCode)