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Loyc.LLParserGenerator.IntRange Struct Reference

Represents a range of single characters (e.g. 'A'..'Z'). More...

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Represents a range of single characters (e.g. 'A'..'Z').

Public fields

int Lo
int Hi

Public static fields

static readonly Comparison< IntRangeCompareLo = (a, b) => a.Lo.CompareTo(b.Lo)


bool CanPrintAsCharRange [get]

Public Member Functions

 IntRange (int c)
 IntRange (int lo, int hi)
override bool Equals (object obj)
bool Equals (IntRange other)
override int GetHashCode ()
bool Contains (int ch)
bool Overlaps (IntRange r)
bool CanMerge (IntRange r)
IntRange Merged (IntRange r)
int CompareTo (IntRange other)
 Compares only the Lo values of two ranges. More...
override string ToString ()
void AppendTo (StringBuilder sb, bool asCharRange)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool operator> (IntRange a, IntRange b)
static bool operator< (IntRange a, IntRange b)
static bool operator== (IntRange a, IntRange b)
static bool operator!= (IntRange a, IntRange b)

Member Function Documentation

◆ CompareTo()

int Loyc.LLParserGenerator.IntRange.CompareTo ( IntRange  other)

Compares only the Lo values of two ranges.