Enhanced C#
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Loyc.Ecs Namespace Reference

Classes related to Enhanced C# (mostly found in Loyc.Ecs.dll). More...


namespace  Parser
 Enhanced C# parser
namespace  Tests
 Unit tests for the Enhanced C# lexer, parser and printer.


class  EcsCodeSymbols
 A list of symbols that are very specific to C# or Enhanced C#. Note: many symbols Loyc.Syntax.CodeSymbols should be in this class instead, but this class was created very belatedly. More...
class  EcsLanguageService
 The Value property provides easy access to the lexer, parser and printer for Enhanced C#. More...
class  EcsNodePrinter
 Encapsulates the code for printing an LNode to EC# source code. More...
class  EcsPrecedence
 Contains Precedence objects that represent the precedence rules of EC#. More...
class  EcsPrinterOptions
 Options to control the way EcsNodePrinter's output is formatted. More...
class  EcsValidators
 A class filled with methods for checking whether a node has the correct LNode.Name and structure. For example, IsPropertyDefinition(node) checks whether node meets the requirements for being a property definition, such as having a Name equal to #property, and having name and return value that are complex identifiers. More...


enum  ICI {
  Default = 0, AllowAttrs = 2, DisallowDotted = 8,
  DisallowColonColon = 16, InOf = 32, AllowAnyExprInOf = 64,
  NameDefinition = 128, AllowParensAround = 256
 Flags for EcsNodePrinter.IsComplexIdentifier. More...
enum  SpaceOpt {
  Default, Minimal = 0x00000001, AfterComma = 0x00000002,
  AfterCommaInOf = 0x00000004, AfterCast = 0x00000008, AfterCastArrow = 0x00000010,
  AfterAttribute = 0x00000020, InsideParens = 0x00000080, InsideCallParens = 0x00000100,
  InsideAttribute = 0x00000200, OutsideParens = 0x00000400, BeforeKeywordStmtArgs = 0x00000800,
  BeforePossibleMacroArgs = 0x00001000, BeforeMethodCall = 0x00002000, BeforeNewCastCall = 0x00004000,
  BeforeNewInitBrace = 0x00008000, AfterColon = 0x00010000, InsideNewInitializer = 0x00020000,
  BeforeBaseListColon = 0x00040000, BeforeWhereClauseColon = 0x00080000, BeforeConstructorColon = 0x00100000,
  BeforeMethodDeclArgList = 0x00200000, BeforeForwardArrow = 0x00400000, AfterOperatorKeyword = 0x00800000,
  MissingAfterComma = 0x01000000, BeforeCommentOnSameLine = 0x04000000, BetweenCommentAndNode = 0x08000000,
  SuppressAroundDotDot = 0x10000000
 Controls the locations where spaces appear as EcsNodePrinter is printing. More...
enum  NewlineOpt {
  NewlineOpt.Default, Minimal = 0x000001, BeforeSpaceDefBrace = 0x000002,
  BeforeMethodBrace = 0x000004, BeforePropBrace = 0x000008, BeforeGetSetBrace = 0x000010,
  BeforeSimpleStmtBrace = 0x000020, BeforeExecutableBrace = 0x000010, BeforeSingleSubstmt = 0x000040,
  BeforeOpenBraceInExpr = 0x000100, BeforeCloseBraceInExpr = 0x000200, AfterCloseBraceInExpr = 0x000400,
  BeforeOpenBraceInNewExpr = 0x000800, AfterOpenBraceInNewExpr = 0x001000, BeforeCloseBraceInNewExpr = 0x002000,
  AfterCloseBraceInNewExpr = 0x004000, AfterEachInitializer = 0x008000, AfterAttributes = 0x010000,
  BeforeWhereClauses = 0x020000, BeforeEachWhereClause = 0x040000, BeforeIfClause = 0x080000,
  BeforeConstructorColon = 0x100000, BeforeEachEnumItem = 0x200000
 Flags to control situations in which newlines should be added automatically by the EC# printer. More...

Detailed Description

Classes related to Enhanced C# (mostly found in Loyc.Ecs.dll).

Enumeration Type Documentation


enum Loyc.Ecs.ICI

Flags for EcsNodePrinter.IsComplexIdentifier.

◆ NewlineOpt

enum Loyc.Ecs.NewlineOpt

Flags to control situations in which newlines should be added automatically by the EC# printer.


Default value of EcsNodePrinter.NewlineOptions

Oct 2016: Some defaults have been turned off because newlines can now be added with newline, and turning on some NewlineOpts currently causes double newlines (i.e. a blank line) when the LNode uses newline at the same time.

◆ SpaceOpt

enum Loyc.Ecs.SpaceOpt

Controls the locations where spaces appear as EcsNodePrinter is printing.

Note: Spaces around prefix and infix operators are controlled by EcsPrinterOptions.SpaceAroundInfixStopPrecedence and EcsPrinterOptions.SpaceAfterPrefixStopPrecedence.