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Loyc.Collections.IListWithChangeEvents< T > Interface Template Reference

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Inheritance diagram for Loyc.Collections.IListWithChangeEvents< T >:
Loyc.Collections.IListAndListSource< T > Loyc.Collections.INotifyListChanging< T > Loyc.Collections.INotifyListChanged< T > Loyc.Collections.IListAndReadOnly< T > Loyc.Collections.IListSource< T > Loyc.Collections.ICollectionAndSource< T > Loyc.Collections.ICollectionAndReadOnly< T > Loyc.Collections.ICollectionSource< T > Loyc.Collections.ICollectionAndReadOnly< T > Loyc.Collections.IContains< T > Loyc.Collections.IListExWithChangeEvents< T > Loyc.Collections.Impl.ListWithChangeEvents< T, TList >

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Collections.IListSource< T >
IRange< T > Slice (int start, int count=int.MaxValue)
 Returns a sub-range of this list. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Collections.ICollectionSource< T >
void CopyTo (T[] array, int arrayIndex)
 Copies the elements of the collection to an Array, starting at a particular array index. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Collections.IContains< T >
bool Contains (T item)
 Returns true if and only if the collection contains the specified item. More...