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Loyc.Syntax.ParsingOptions Class Reference

A simple implementation of IParsingOptions. More...

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A simple implementation of IParsingOptions.


ParsingMode Mode = ParsingMode.File [get, set]
bool PreserveComments = true [get, set]
bool SurfaceScanOnly = false [get, set]
int SpacesPerTab = 4 [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Syntax.IParsingOptions
ParsingMode Mode [get]
 A global::Loyc.Syntax.ParsingMode value indicating which part of the language is being parsed (e.g. expressions, or an entire file). More...
bool PreserveComments [get]
 Whether to preserve comments and newlines by attaching trivia attributes to the output. If IParsingService.CanPreserveComments is false, this parameter will have no effect. More...
bool SurfaceScanOnly [get]
 Indicates that the parsing service is only being used for syntax highlighting, so the content of literals is not important. The produced tokens or LNode can claim every literal is null. More...
int SpacesPerTab [get]
 If tabs are significant, this option controls the number of spaces a single tab should be equated with. More...