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Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les3PrecedenceMap Class Reference

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static new Les3PrecedenceMap?? Default [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrecedenceMap
static Les2PrecedenceMap?? Default [get]
Pair< MMap< object, Precedence >, Precedencethis[OperatorShape s] [get, set]

Public Member Functions

override void Reset ()
 Forgets previously encountered operators to save memory. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrecedenceMap
Precedence Find (OperatorShape shape, object op, bool cacheWordOp=true)
 Gets the precedence in LES of a prefix, suffix, or infix operator. More...
Symbol ToSuffixOpName (object symbol)
 Given a normal operator symbol like (Symbol)"'++", gets the suffix form of the name, such as (Symbol)"'suf++". More...

Protected static fields

static new Les3PrecedenceMap _default
- Protected static fields inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrecedenceMap
static Les2PrecedenceMap _default
static readonly Map< object, PrecedencePredefinedPrefixPrecedence
static readonly Map< object, PrecedencePredefinedSuffixPrecedence
static readonly Map< object, PrecedencePredefinedInfixPrecedence

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrecedenceMap
static bool IsOpChar (char c)
 Returns true if this character is one of those that operators are normally made out of in LES. More...
static bool IsOpCharEx (char c)
 Returns true if this character is one of those that can appear in "extended" LESv3 operators that start with an apostrophe. More...
static bool IsNaturalOperator (UString name)
 Returns true if the given Symbol can be printed as an operator without escaping it in LESv2. More...
static bool IsNaturalOperatorToken (UString name)
 Like IsNaturalOperator, but doesn't expect name[0] is apostrophe. More...
static bool IsExtendedOperatorToken (UString name)
 Returns true if the given Symbol can ever be used as an "extended" binary operator in LESv3. More...
static bool ResemblesSuffixOperator (Symbol name, out Symbol bareName)
 Decides whether the name resembles a suffix operator. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrecedenceMap
Precedence FindPrecedence (MMap< object, Precedence > table, object symbol, Precedence @default, bool cacheWordOp)
- Protected fields inherited from Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrecedenceMap
Pair< MMap< object, Precedence >, Precedence >[] _precedenceMap = new Pair<MMap<object, Precedence>, Precedence>[4]

Member Function Documentation

◆ Reset()

override void Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les3PrecedenceMap.Reset ( )