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Loyc.LLParserGenerator.ZeroWidthPred Class Reference

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Inheritance diagram for Loyc.LLParserGenerator.ZeroWidthPred:
Loyc.LLParserGenerator.Pred Loyc.ICloneable< Pred > Loyc.IHasLocation Loyc.LLParserGenerator.ActionPred Loyc.LLParserGenerator.AndPred


override bool IsNullable [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.Pred
LNode Basis [get, protected set]
abstract bool IsNullable [get]
 Returns true if this predicate can match an empty input. More...
object? Location [get]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.IHasLocation
object Location [get]

Public Member Functions

 ZeroWidthPred (LNode basis)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.Pred
 Pred (LNode basis)
LNode AutoSaveResult (LNode matchingCode)
virtual Pred Clone ()
 Deep-clones a predicate tree. Terminal sets and Nodes referenced by the tree are not cloned; the clone's value of Next will be null. The same Pred cannot appear in two places in a tree, so you must clone before re-use. More...
string ToStringWithPosition ()
virtual string ChooseGotoLabel ()
 Optional. If this predicate represents the matching code for a branch of an Alts and this code is reached through a goto statement, this method is used to select a label name. Supported by RuleRef. More...
abstract void Call (PredVisitor visitor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.ICloneable< Pred >
Clone ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public fields inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.Pred
Symbol VarLabel
bool VarIsList
Func< LNode, LNodeResultSaver
 A function that saves the result produced by the matching code of this predicate (null if the result is not saved). For example, if the parser generator is given the predicate @[ x='a'..'z' ], the default matching code will be @(Match('a', 'z')), and ResultSaver will be set to a function that receives this matching code and returns @(x = Match('a', 'z')) in response. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.LLParserGenerator.Pred
static Seq operator+ (char a, Pred b)
static Seq operator+ (Pred a, char b)
static Seq operator+ (Pred a, Pred b)
static Pred operator| (char a, Pred b)
static Pred operator| (Pred a, char b)
static Pred operator| (Pred a, Pred b)
static Pred operator/ (Pred a, Pred b)
static Pred operator+ (Pred a)
static Pred Or (Pred a, Pred b, bool slashJoined)
static Pred Or (Pred a, Pred b, bool slashJoined, LNode basis, BranchMode aMode=BranchMode.None, BranchMode bMode=BranchMode.None, IMessageSink sink=null)
static Alts Star (Pred contents, bool? greedy=null)
static Alts Opt (Pred contents, bool? greedy=null)
static Seq Plus (Pred contents, bool? greedy=null)
static TerminalPred Range (char lo, char hi)
static TerminalPred Set (IPGTerminalSet set)
static TerminalPred Set (string set)
static TerminalPred Set (params LNode[] s)
static TerminalPred Not (params LNode[] s)
static TerminalPred Char (char c)
static TerminalPred Chars (params char[] c)
static Seq Seq (string s, LNode basis=null)
static Rule Rule (string name, Pred pred, bool isStartingRule=false, bool isToken=false, int maximumK=-1)
static Pred operator+ (LNode pre, Pred p)
static Pred operator+ (Pred p, LNode post)
static LNode MergeActions (LNode action, LNode action2)
static AndPred And (object test)
static AndPred AndNot (object test)
static Pred Set (string varName, Pred pred)
static Pred SetVar (string varName, Pred pred)
static Pred AddSet (string varName, Pred pred)
static Pred Op (string varName, Symbol @operator, Pred pred)