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Loyc.Syntax.LNodePrinterOptions Class Reference

A concrete class that users can pass to an LNodePrinter. More...

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Loyc.Syntax.ILNodePrinterOptions Loyc.Ecs.EcsPrinterOptions Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les2PrinterOptions Loyc.Syntax.Les.Les3PrinterOptions


A concrete class that users can pass to an LNodePrinter.


virtual bool AllowChangeParentheses [get, set]
virtual bool OmitComments [get, set]
virtual bool OmitUnknownTrivia [get, set]
virtual bool PrintTriviaExplicitly [get, set]
virtual bool CompatibilityMode [get, set]
virtual bool CompactMode [get, set]
virtual string IndentString [get, set]
virtual string NewlineString [get, set]
virtual ILiteralPrinter LiteralPrinter [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Loyc.Syntax.ILNodePrinterOptions
bool AllowChangeParentheses [get]
 Indicates that it is preferable to add (or remove) parenthesis to produce good-looking output, rather than to express faithfully whether or not parentheses were present in the Loyc tree being printed. More...
bool OmitComments [get]
 When this flag is set, comment trivia attributes are suppressed (e.g. CodeSymbols.TriviaSLCommentAfter). More...
bool OmitUnknownTrivia [get]
 Causes trivia that the printer does not recognize (other than comments, spaces and raw text) to be dropped from the output rather than printed as attributes. More...
bool PrintTriviaExplicitly [get]
 If supported by the printer, this option causes comments and spaces to be printed as attributes in order to ensure faithful round-trip parsing. More...
bool CompatibilityMode [get]
 If there are multiple ways to print a given node, this option indicates that the printer should prefer an older, more compatible syntactic style over new ones, where applicable. More...
bool CompactMode [get]
 When this flag is set, the amount of whitespace in the output is reduced in a printer-defined way, in order to save bits. More...
string IndentString [get]
 Specifies the string to use for each level of indentation of nested constructs in the language, e.g. a tab or four spaces. More...
string NewlineString [get]
 Specifies the string to use for line breaks (typically "\n"). More...
ILiteralPrinter LiteralPrinter [get]
 Requests that a specific printer be used to convert literals into strings. More...

Public Member Functions

void CopyFrom (ILNodePrinterOptions original)