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Loyc.Collections.ListAsListSource< T > Class Template Reference

Helper type returned from LCExt.AsListSource<T>. More...

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Inheritance diagram for Loyc.Collections.ListAsListSource< T >:
Loyc.Collections.IListAndListSource< T > Loyc.Collections.IListSource< T > Loyc.Collections.ICollectionAndReadOnly< T >


Helper type returned from LCExt.AsListSource<T>.

A read-only wrapper that implements ICollection and ISource.


int Count [get]
this[int index] [get, set]
this[int index, T defaultValue] [get]
bool IsReadOnly [get]

Public Member Functions

 ListAsListSource (IList< T > obj)
bool Contains (T item)
TryGet (int index, out bool fail)
int IndexOf (T item)
Slice_< T > Slice (int start, int count)
void Insert (int index, T item)
void RemoveAt (int index)
void Add (T item)
void Clear ()
void CopyTo (T[] array, int arrayIndex)
bool Remove (T item)
IEnumerator< T > GetEnumerator ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Loyc.Collections.IListSource< T >
TryGet (int index, out bool fail)
 Gets the item at the specified index, and does not throw an exception on failure. More...
IRange< T > Slice (int start, int count=int.MaxValue)
 Returns a sub-range of this list. More...