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Loyc.Collections.BList< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Loyc.Collections.BList< T >, including all inherited members.

_compareItemsLoyc.Collections.BList< T >protected
Add(T item) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
AddRange(IEnumerable< T > e)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList()Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(int maxNodeSize)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(int maxLeafSize, int maxInnerSize)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(Func< T, T, int > compareItems)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(Func< T, T, int > compareItems, int maxLeafSize)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(Func< T, T, int > compareItems, int maxLeafSize, int maxInnerSize)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(BList< T > items, bool keepListChangingHandlers)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
BList(BList< T > original, AListNode< T, T > section) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inlineprotected
Clear() (defined in Loyc.Collections.ICollectionSink< T >)Loyc.Collections.ICollectionSink< T >
Clone()Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
Clone(bool keepListChangingHandlers)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
Contains(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
CopySection(int start, int subcount) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
CopyTo(T[] array, int arrayIndex)Loyc.Collections.ICollectionSource< T >
CountSizeInBytes(int sizeOfElement, int sizeOfKey=8) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >
Do(AListOperation mode, ref T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
Do(AListOperation mode, T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
DoRange(AListOperation mode, IEnumerable< T > e)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
FindLowerBound(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
FindLowerBound(T item, out bool found)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
FindLowerBound(ref T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
FindLowerBound(ref T item, out bool found)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
FindUpperBound(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
FindUpperBound(ref T item) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
IndexOf(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
IndexOfExact(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
IsEmpty (defined in Loyc.Collections.IIsEmpty)Loyc.Collections.IIsEmpty
NewRootLeaf() (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inlineprotected
Remove(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
RemoveAll(T item)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
RemoveRange(IEnumerable< T > e)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
RemoveSection(int start, int count) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inline
Slice(int start, int count=int.MaxValue)Loyc.Collections.IListSource< T >
SplitRoot(AListNode< T, T > left, AListNode< T, T > right) (defined in Loyc.Collections.BList< T >)Loyc.Collections.BList< T >inlineprotected