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LeMP.Tests.TestUseSequenceExpressionsMacro Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void TestBasics ()
void TestFieldInitializers ()
void TestAssignmentsAndLValues ()
void TestInWhileLoop ()
void TestInDoWhileLoop ()
void TestInForLoop ()
void TestLambdaMethod ()
void TestInForeachLoop ()
void TestInSimpleKeywordStatements ()
void TestInTryCatchFinally ()
void TestInFixed ()
void TestRefVarDecl ()
void TestObviousBugWithRunSequenceInVarDecl ()
void TestTopLevelRunSequenceWithBraces ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.Tests.MacroTesterBase
void SetUp ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from LeMP.Tests.MacroTesterBase
void TestLes (string input, string outputLes, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void TestEcs (string input, string outputEcs, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void TestCs (string input, string outputCs, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void TestBoth (string inputLes, string inputEcs, string outputEcs, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void Test (string input, IParsingService inLang, string expected, IParsingService outLang, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
virtual MacroProcessor NewLemp (int maxExpand, IParsingService inLang)
- Protected fields inherited from LeMP.Tests.MacroTesterBase
MessageHolder _msgHolder