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LeMP.Tests.TestOnFinallyReturnThrowMacros Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Test_on_finally ()
void Test_on_throw_catch ()
void Test_on_throw ()
void Test_on_return ()
void Test_on_return_InSwitch ()
void Test_on_return_InSwitch2 ()
void Test_on_return_NoReturnStatement ()
void Test_on_return_IgnoresLambda ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from LeMP.Tests.MacroTesterBase
void SetUp ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from LeMP.Tests.MacroTesterBase
void TestLes (string input, string outputLes, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void TestEcs (string input, string outputEcs, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void TestCs (string input, string outputCs, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void TestBoth (string inputLes, string inputEcs, string outputEcs, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
void Test (string input, IParsingService inLang, string expected, IParsingService outLang, int maxExpand=0xFFFF)
virtual MacroProcessor NewLemp (int maxExpand, IParsingService inLang)
- Protected fields inherited from LeMP.Tests.MacroTesterBase
MessageHolder _msgHolder